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  •   Audio & Sound

    This ministry’s purpose is to create and produce optimum quality sound for each worship service or event held at NHBC. We are responsible for the sound that is delivered to the congregation and audio provided for the reproduction of CD’s, DVD’s, and as well as television production. Staff in this ministry must have a keen ear for sound and be able to make quick and accurate decisions when making audio adjustments. Attention to detail and a desire for NHBC to “Reach People Where They Are” with the best quality sound and the reproduction of GOD’S WORD is priority.

  •   Children’s Ministry

    This ministry exists to reach children 7 years old and under, to help them bond together and discover how to honor and praise God with their lives, so that they may learn and grow in Christ.

    Ministry Leader(s): Carol "Kay" Riddle
  •   Christian Education

    This ministry is designed to enhance Christian growth and spiritual development, by offering classes and forming small communities that give us insight in how to live a victorious life and how to navigate through the many challenges faced by children of God.

  •   Culinary/ Kitchen Ministry

    Our culinary team is responsible for supporting most of the Church’s meetings, gatherings, and special events through the presentation of food. The ministry plans, purchases, prepares, and serves meals, as well as implements the set up and break down of area(s) of where meals are served.  Meals may be served at many events including Bible Study, church fellowships, funeral services, etc.

    Ministry Leader(s): Tina Brown and Felicia Cage
  •   Fresh Start/ New Members Ministry

    The Fresh Start/ New Members Committee welcomes in our new members and guides them through the New Members Orientation Class. We seek to help each person grow in faith and to find their place in ministry to use their spiritual gifts in the church family. We try to physically touch and interact with our new members so that they feel the love of Jesus and personally realize God’s hope, healing, and wholeness in the body of Christ.

    Ministry Leader(s): Undria Williams and Angela Mays
  •   Good Shepherd’s Ministry

    The purpose of this ministry is to lift the Pastor up in prayer; to meet the needs of the Pastor, First Lady and their children by providing moral, spiritual, and financial support along with encouraging words, prayers, and other actions of love. Responsible for spearheading the church in celebrating the Pastor’s Anniversary, birthday, and other special occasions; extending hospitality to visiting ministers, their families and guests; and assisting Pastor in fulfilling his goals for the church and community.

    Ministry Leader(s): Shawnte Garrett and Marita Steele
  •   Greeters

    Consists of church members that welcome you as you enter NHBC for worship services or specified events. Staff is to assist handicapped members and visitors at the doors, if necessary. Our greeters create the all-important first impression a person has when entering our church before a Sunday Service. New members who become greeters have a great opportunity to meet our congregation one-on-one. Greeters alternate to serve for 20-30 minutes before and after Sunday services.

    Ministry Leader(s): Lashunda Walls and Pamela Robinson
  •   Health & Nursing Ministry

    This ministry is to obtain those in the medical profession to aid NHBC in caring for members and/or visitors needing immediate medical attention. This ministry will consist of a team that will setup and implement proper protocol for emergencies for before, during and after worship services and specified events.

    Ministry Leader(s): Dr. Robert Jimmerson
  •   Juvenile Detention

    This ministry is responsible or sharing the hope in Jesus Christ to the youth detained in a detention center. Our supreme mission is to carry the message of Jesus Christ beyond the walls of the church in order to prevent future delinquency and to encourage positive, appropriate behaviors that will lead them successfully into adulthood. We also encourage them to develop a relationship with God so that his/her life may be changed: ultimately glorifying God in all that he/she says or does.

    Ministry Leader(s): Deacon Frankie McGriff
  •   Ministry of Truth/Teaching

    NHBC Teachers’ ministry is established to teach the Word of God in a clear concise way without bias or personal opinion. To impart to the learner a clear understanding of Holy Scriptures taught in a manner that can be easily understood.

    This ministry is charged to:

    • Reach as many people as possible through L.I.F.E Development, Youth Sunday School & Wednesday Night Youth studies.
    • Help deepen Christian commitment through life changing curriculum studies.
    • Grow teachers so that recruitment, material evaluation & classes are properly maintained.
    Ministry Leader(s): Minister Newsom and Minister Anderson
  •   Marriage Ministry

    Purpose: To educate, motivate, and empower engaged, young married couples, and experienced married couples in understanding how to develop/ maintain positive Spirit-filled marriages. The Marriage Ministry seeks to help couples understand God’s sovereign plan for marriage, the roles of spouses within the marriage, and the wonderful blessing marriage can be when both spouses are obedient to God’s Word.

    Ministry Leader(s): Deacon Noah/Dionne King and Ted/Karen Johnson
  •   Media/Television Production

    This wonderfully diverse ministry is designed to serve God by serving others through various forms of media including but not limited to Services/Events, Broadcast, Video production, Website, and Sales. Since “seeing is believing”, we provide the means in which people see the assignment God has for New Hope.

    Within this one ministry are so many different departments that we are bound and determined to fit your SHAPE. Whether your hours of availability are great or small, whether you like to work behind the scenes or on the forefront, in a group or individually, we have a place for you.

    The media family believes an excellent God deserves excellent effort and that is what we strive to achieve by having a pursuit for excellence, implementation of real commitment and dedication, an eye for detail, a willingness to learn, and a passion for seeing God’s people saved by producing media with a purpose that can be shared in throughout the world.

    Ministry Leader(s): Kym Armstrong and Ted Johnson
  •   Men’s Fellowship

    This is a ministry that is determined by and responsive to the needs and interest of all men, young men and boys. It is the channel through which laymen make their best and most effective contribution of the life of the church and the fulfillment of its purpose. This ministry must inform, motivate and involve men and boys in praying, studying, enlisting, giving, ministering and bearing witness of Christ, to serve the communities and their world.

    This ministry is charged to:

    • To help build a strong brotherhood within NHBC to affect every ministry in the church. This will help get active males in EVERY ministry in NHBC. This has included (but not limited to) ministers, deacons, youth and prison ministries.
    • This ministry must be the model for the development and spiritual maturity of men and men to be in a spiritually encompassed environment and to have a lasting effect on every man touched by this ministry.
    Ministry Leader(s): Byron Jones and Al Barksdale
  •   Mission Outreach Ministry

    As the Mission Ministry we are responsible for ministering to the residents of local nursing homes, women’s shelters, rehab centers, and prisons. We share the love of Jesus through scriptures, prayers, and songs.

    Ministry Leader(s): Katherine Tramble
  •   Music Ministry

    The mission of the Music Ministry is to lead the congregation of NHBC into praise and worship of our Father, our Lord, and our Savior Jesus Christ. It is our objective to represent the body of Christ through the ministry of Music in the highest level of excellence. We will call on the presence of God through self-crucifixion, becoming willing vessels for His holy use. We will “present our bodies as living sacrifices, holy, and acceptable unto God, which is our reasonable service [spiritual worship]” (Romans12:1).

    Ministry Leader(s): Dwight Kelly
  •   Prison Ministry

    The ministry strives to bring the Gospel of Jesus Christ to those who are incarcerated. The goal of the ministry is to change mindsets, lead them to Christ, and to provide hope and encouragement for their futures.

    Ministry Leader(s): Deacon Sonny Miller
  •   Security (Parking Lot & In-house)

    This start up ministry is to aid NHBC in overseeing parking management, shuttle services, & escort services to members and all visitors. This ministry needs those who can help plan and implement parking lot layout/coverage, agent communication and sufficient security to those who come to NHBC for worship services and specific events. This start up ministry is also looking to obtain those who can assist in providing an orderly environment during NHBC worship services and events. Staff will consist of those who are well tempered, familiar with how to handle disorderly conduct, and will follow proper protocol to maintain a friendly, spirit filled environment during NHBC worship services and specified events . Looking for those who have been or are working in the security field.

    Ministry Leader(s): Dionicio Jemmott
  •   Transportation

    We strive to “reach people where they are” in the area of transportation by providing a safe and clean driving experience with a free, cost-effective service for those who need it.

    Drivers in this ministry must be at least 21 years of age, have a valid Arkansas driver’s license and insurance, good driving skills and a good driving record. You must also be able to drive a 15 passenger van. They must also have great time management skills and enjoy interacting with people of all ages. The transportation ministry has a rotating availability schedule. We serve before and after Sunday mornings services (occasionally for evening service engagements), Wednesday nights (Bible Study), as well as, Tuesday nights (Conway Bible Study). We also serve during special events in both locations.

    There’s nothing like riding in a clean vehicle and this includes vehicles of NHBC. Since the transportation ministry is also responsible for maintaining the cleanliness of all of its vehicles, we are also seeking members to not just drive the vehicles but to wash and detail clean them.

    Ministry Leader(s): Bobby Steele and Deacon Clyde Reed
  •   Ushers

    To assist the pastor and other leaders, meet and greet visitors and to serve all during NHBC worship services and specified events. We have an usher’s pledge that is suitable for all considering joining this ministry.

    Ministry Leader(s): Tina Brown and Nettye Harris
  •   Volunteers Staff

    This is a startup ministry to obtain those who can provide so many hours per week/month to NHBC for job specific duties. This staff can be identified as those who provide services specific to their profession and/or passion. Such duties include (but not limited to): Data entry, administrative/receptionist, copying, paper management, site storage and conference assistance, clean-up – just to name a few.

  •   Women’s Ministry

    The purpose of the Women’s Ministry is to support women in their relationship with God so that through spiritual friendships, mentoring, modeling, and teaching one another, we might experience the freedom to become all that God intends us to be.

    Ministry Leader(s): Dr. Charlotte Green and Marita Steele
  •   Youth & Adult Praise Teams

    This ministry is a Godly outlet for those who want to express their worship through dance. Through dance, we visually interpret songs to express the message and God’ good news. Our desire is that we assist you in experiencing a deeper communion with God.

    Ministry Leader(s): Kristie Johnson
  •   Youth Seeking Adults

    Effective youth ministry does not exist without adult leaders. In fact, the most critical factor in an effective, long-term youth ministry is the ongoing presence of adults who are caring, confident, competent, and committed in their work with young people. In this session, you will obtain information about the basic qualities needed to become an effective adult youth leader. You must have an appreciation for youth and what they can do.

  •   Youth Seeking Youth

    This ministry is to help seek and recognize the gifts of young people and invite them to be leaders among themselves. As automatic members of this ministry, youth have the opportunity to help guide the direction of the youth ministry at NHBC. Each leader, older or younger, is expected to fulfill commitments he or she can make among their peers. Come to understand what this ministry recommends, expects and provides youth that will make better leaders at NHBC.