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Hello New Members!

Again, welcome to the family! We are so excited and glad you have decided to make New Hope your church family. We already love you with the love of the Lord. During the intake process, I’m sure you were told that you would have to attend and complete New Member Orientation Classes in order to get the right hand of fellowship from Pastor George L. Parks, Jr. and join a ministry. That is correct, so let’s get the process started.

Our New Member Orientation Classes are usually held on Saturdays. Turbo Saturday is a Saturday we set aside to complete all classes in one day. Check our calendar for the date and location of our next Turbo Saturday. Someone will be there to greet you and give you the necessary materials for class. Make sure you sign in before class. This is how we maintain our records, so try not to forget.

Please try and make every effort to attend. Although our Turbo Saturdays are held every other month, we do encourage you to attend the next one. Classes run from 9-12pm and we will have a reception for you immediately following class.

The New Member Reception is time set aside for all of us (Pastor, Ministry Leaders, Small Group Teachers, and You) to fellowship and share together. Graduation will be the following Sunday and we hope and pray everyone will be able to attend!

If you have any issues regarding classes or the class schedule, please email me or call the church office.

Thanks so much and be blessed!